Security Architecture and Operations

Security Architecture and Operations

When it comes to enterprise security, you need wide-sweeping support. Our security consultants address enterprise architecture and operational concerns. We’ll work with you to establish IT security strategy, manage the existing security infrastructure, plan and prioritize security investments, implement incident response, forensic investigations, and vulnerability remediation. We’ll provide long-term planning and capital budgeting, guide disaster recovery and business continuity efforts, and minimize or prevent business disruption from security threats. Operationally, we establish the configurations, settings, and rules for security appliances such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Architecturally, we review and recommend new security technologies to protect institutional data, systems, and associated assets.


Business rules regarding handling of data/information assets
Written and published security policy
Codified data/information asset ownership and custody
Risk analysis documentation
Data classification policy documentation
Create best practice and organization-specific security capability


Ability to optimize performance, functionality, and cost

Improved manageability and security

Data confidentiality and integrity

Ability to scale operations to meet different demand levels