Policy Design

Policy Design

Are you a bit foggy on how to effectively develop corporate and IT policies? Our security team of experts is armed with proven processes and frameworks to help your enterprise meet governance, risk and compliance requirements. Don’t recreate the wheel. We are here to help you with reporting on risk, creating a compliance landscape, and enabling an environment for more informed decision-making. For reference, these services also cover ISO 27001, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), PCI DSS, BASEL II, and COBIT 5.


Identify the scope and coverage of Information Security
Assess the Current Environment
Prepare baseline information security assessment report
Formulate Information Security Policy & Procedures
Prepare Statement of Accountability


Treat exposures by continuously enforcing policies

Detect violations and measure gains against desired states

Continuously improve processes and move up the maturity curve

Develop processes, policies, controls and technology solutions that monitor operations and key metrics