Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Don’t become a victim of enterprise data loss. Our DLP solutions provide a mechanism to prevent threats posed by data leaks.  Our solutions aim to locate sensitive data in an enterprise network, enforce a data usage policy on said data, and monitor network channels for unwanted exposure. As opposed to the traditional enterprise approach, our solution does NOT result in high CAPEX, delays in deployment, high cost infrastructure deployment, or added support costs. These factor erode your return on investment. Once commission, the solution is actively and continuously is monitored for identifying evolving threats for which new policies need to be defined and mapped within the information cycle.


Reducing IT costs and operational expenses
Providing a better security infrastructure
Ensuring a rapid ROI
Providing the expertise to implement and manage a state of the art DLP platform
Ensuring high service levels and year over year productivity improvements


Helps in Data Discovery framework

Data Classification with the aid of ready templates

Comprehensive Policy based Data control capabilities

Incident monitoring and reporting guidelines & model

Ready templates for most common use cases and policies

Matured Incident analysis, management and response capabilities

Integration capability with: Email Gateways, Enterprise Authentication Frameworks, Endpoint encryption tools