Industry Specific Solutions

Banking and Financial Services



Xoriant banking and financial security services specifically address the concerns of the industry. The most frequent consequences of a data breach include account takeovers, identity theft, network disruptions, and data integrity breaches. Our services delivery model offers both traditional and cloud-based options. Our cloud-based, two-factor authentication solutions allow you to take advantage of easy-to-use security that’s just as effective.

Government and Public Sector



Xoriant government and public sector security services specifically address the concerns of the industry.  The biggest threats to government and public sector organizations include accidental data loss, reputational damage to the organization, damage that results in financial consequences, and policy and compliance issues. Our data loss protection solutions provide a mechanism to prevent leaks.

Healthcare Services



Xoriant healthcare security services specifically address the concerns of the industry. The most frequent healthcare security concerns include HIPAA compliance, mistaking compliance for security and risk management, healthcare facility versus healthcare ecosystem, and mobile medicine practices. We understand the business of the hospital and the unique challenges you face. Our security architecture and operations services assist you with developing a wide-sweeping strategy, define IT performance and requirements, develop a security and risk management structure to protect data and information.


Power and Utility Services



Xoriant power and utility security services specifically address the concerns of the industry. The most frequent power and utility security concerns include surround the IoT ecosystem, the smart grid and intelligent asset management solutions connected to the IT system, exposing them to compromise via Internet.  Additionally, consumer technologies like smart meter apps, smart thermostats, and digital communication portals are also integrated with Internet facing networks. These systems open power and utility services up to cyber attack exponentially. When it comes to cybersecurity, it is important to look at our information security management, penetration testing, incident management, managed firewall services.

Retail and Consumer Services



Xoriant retail and consumer security services specifically addresses the concerns of the industry. The most frequent concerns include end users access malware-laden websites or downloading infected files, weak passwords, insecure system configurations, legacy or unpatched technology, and poor network security. A thoughtful security strategy is essential and it starts with establishing a culture of security. Our policy design services help you to create and implement security practices for effective password creation, safe network use and monitored while on corporate networks. Practices need to be in place to ensure breaches are contained quickly, damage can be assessed, vulnerability removed and activity is communicated to the public to mitigate damage and minimize loss of confidence.